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What better place to have your holiday than in the quaint fishing port of Brixham.
Brixham is lined with small colourful fisherman's cottages and narrow streets
for you to explore. There are many shops, restaurants and pubs, with live entertainment round the harbour during the summer.Just click on the
buttons to find top quality hotels and guest houses to stay in Brixham.

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Brixham has an aroma all of it's own,fresh sea air,mingled with a hint of fish because Brixham is a working port and proud of it !

Brixham has one of the largest fishing fleets in the UK. Each day you will see the boats leaving the harbour and returning as the sun sets to unload their catch. Brixham fish is famous,the Royal family eat fish supplied by Brixham boats. Of course several harbourside restaurants and cafes specialize in fish dishes .There are also seafood stalls offering jellied eels,prawns,cockles and much more.

Brixham is surrounded by colourful fisherman's cottages in every direction,all with spectacular views of the harbour.Brixhams history goes back hundreds of years and was a known haunt of smugglers as well as fisherman !

Brixhan celebrates it's heritage each year with the Brixham heritage festival held around the end of May beginning of June. Brixham has
the most spectacular Trawler race to be seen anywhere.
The trawlers race across the bay at top speed for the much sought after prize for the fastest time around the course. This is followed by a quayside festival. See our what's on page for dates.

Brixham has it's own museum,a full size replica of the Golden Hind,open air sea water swimming pool , loads of good fishing marks,boat trips,mackerel fishing, and Berry head is not far, which has spectacular cliffs, a well preserved Napoleonic fort ,superb views across Torbay and it is a national nature reserve with a large colony of sea birds of all types.

Brixhan is also the home of The Shoal of Brixham artists,a group of artists who regularly display their work on the harbour,along with the arts and craft market held throughout the summer next to the harboUr.

Why not visit Battery Gardens,home to best preserved world war 2 coastal defense battery in the UK.Battery gardens also has one of the best views of the bay,

Maybe you would like to take a trip across the bay to Torquay on the
Western Lady ferry service from Brixham.
If you are lucky [unlucky for some] you might even
see the Torbay lifeboat launch, which is based at Brixham.